Reading, Writing and Maths Tuition, Christchurch | Years 0-10

Term 4 begins


Why Tuition?

Good tuition is an investment in your child's education.

But why is it even necessary? After all, shouldn't the school system be doing the job?

There are so many talented, dedicated, education professionals out there who work (very!) hard to educate New Zealand's children. We're the first to acknowledge they do an extraordinary job.

But they face some important challenges.

  • Class sizes make it difficult to fully meet every student's individual needs.
  • There is a lot to cover in an increasingly packed curriculum.
  • There are frequent interruptions to core learning programmes.

At Marley Perkins, we work to support and supplement the teaching done at school to help make sure our students learn the key concepts and processes required by the curriculum, giving them the best chance of reaching their potential.

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