Private Tuition in Maths, Reading & Writing: Years 0-10

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Chinese proverb

We're The Professionals

Our tutors are fully qualified teachers with classroom experience.

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Qualified Teachers

Your child will enjoy expert tuition with an experienced, fully qualified teacher.

We Know What We're Doing

With a wealth of experience in schools, our teachers understand the challenges children face when learning in a classroom, and are equipped to help your child develop skills that will translate to their school learning.

Teaching Across The Levels

Because our tutors teach a variety of levels at Marley Perkins, they have the big picture when it comes to the curriculum. They know what their students have learned in earlier years, and what they'll be learning in years to come. This means they can enrich your child's understanding by linking to prior experience, as well as prepare them for future learning.

We'll Work Hard For Your Child

We're proud of our teachers. They work hard to ensure their students do the best they can do. They carefully monitor progress and keep detailed records to build a picture of learning for each student. And they do it all with a smile, so that your child's experience of Marley Perkins is positive and productive.

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