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Marley Perkins online creative writing classes are for New Zealand kids and teens who are passionate about writing.

  • Tuition for young writers aged 10+
  • Qualified, experienced teachers
  • 60-minute lessons, same time each week
  • Join by video link
  • Small groups of up to 3 students
  • $55 per lesson – first lesson free for new students
  • Book on a term-by-term basis

Who This Class Is For

The class is tailor-made for children and teens aged 10+ who enjoy story writing and are keen to explore their potential as writers.

Talent + Technique

While they write, students will learn about the story writing process, how to structure and organise their text, how to keep their readers engaged, and how to create finished pieces for their friends and family to enjoy.

Students work collaboratively with the tutor to produce their stories. They might complete a new project each week or develop the same piece over time. We can supply topics or they can bring their own, and we'll also help ensure they bring their projects to completion.

What We Cover

Creative writing lessons at Marley Perkins are led by the students as they explore their interest in writing. Along the way, we'll look at a range of key concepts as needed, such as:

  • how to find and develop ideas
  • creating outlines and planning
  • character development and characterisation
  • setting
  • building tension
  • plot development
  • writing dialogue
  • point-of-view
  • editing skills
  • word processing skills

Explore New Topics

While we encourage our students to write about what interests them, we also encourage them to branch out into new areas or to bring a fresh perspective to familiar territory.

We do set some guidelines when it comes to the appropriateness of content, and we promote a more creative approach to storytelling than simply recycling tropes from movies and games.

The Importance of Reading

There are many, many reasons to encourage students to read narrative fiction but the one that applies most here is because it will inform and influence their story writing.

Modelling is important in any learning. When it comes to creative writing, published authors set an example for young writers to follow. We recommend students read daily as part of their creative writing tuition.

The Importance of Writing

When aspiring writers ask experienced writers for their number one piece of advice, the response is invariably: just write! Write as much and as often as you can.

This is good advice for children and teens too. The more they write, the easier it will be to get into 'writing mode' each time, and the more their stories will flow. We'll encourage students to write outside class time by setting homework each week.

How Long Are The Lessons?

Each lesson is 60 minutes long and takes place at the same time each week, during school terms.
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Your First Lesson Is Free!

New to Marley Perkins? Come along for a free, no-obligation introductory lesson and see what it's all about! After that you can decide if our creative writing classes are right for you.

What Is The Cost?

The fee is $55 per lesson and bookings are made on a term-by-term basis. Fees are due at the start of the term, or the start of the period you're booking for.

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How Do We Start?

Simply send us a message. We'll get back to you with available lesson times, and answers to any questions you might have.