Private Tuition in Maths, Reading & Writing: Years 0-10

“Literacy is a foundation to build a more sustainable future for all.” Irina Bokova

Catch Up, Keep Up, Get Ahead

Whatever your child's needs, we can help.

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What We Do
Carefully Matched Groups

Catch Up

When Things Get A Bit Difficult

If a child misses key information or finds key concepts challenging, it can create a snowball effect in which the challenge becomes greater and greater as the years go by.

We Can Help

Because the students in our classes are ability-matched, your child will start in the right place to immediately start moving forward. Concepts will be clearly explained and there'll be lots of opportunity to ask questions.

And our structured, cyclic programme means that if she finds something a little too challenging the first time, she'll soon have another chance to work on it some more.

Keep Up

Many Kids Feel They Need A Boost

Many of our students are working somewhere around the 'middle' at school. They are often described as 'doing fine' at school but feel they need more help with literacy and numeracy.

We Can Help

We can help your child build a stronger understanding, fill in the gaps in his learning, and clarify all those things he's been a bit confused about in the classroom. From there, we can work to help him reach his potential.

Get Ahead

Picking Up The Pace

Tuition is great for children who are keen to progress faster with literacy or numeracy, or for those who have more potential to explore.

We Can Help

We'll assess your child's skills and place her at the right level to build momentum and allow her to develop maximum understanding of important concepts.

And for those who would like to follow our programme but also would like support with schoolwork, our individual option offers the best of both worlds.

Develop Their Strengths

Tuition Can Help Foster Talents

Tuition isn't just important for children who need support in their 'weaker' areas of learning. It's also important — arguably more important — to develop students' talents and allow them to explore learning areas they enjoy.

Developing strengths is important for a number of reasons, chiefly that it's more likely your child will pursue a career path in the area that comes more naturally to him. If you set him up with a strong foundation in this area, you're doing him a big favour for his future.