Private Tuition in Maths, Reading & Writing: Years 0-10

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Carefully Matched Groups

Students in our group classes work on the same things at the same time.

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Group Lessons

We'll match your child with others who are learning at the same level.

Coordinated Learning

All the students in your child's classroom will be working on the same material at the same time. This way they are able to achieve maximum focus and clarity.* The initial assessment will ensure that your child is placed in the best available class to suit her needs.

Self-contained Classrooms

Each group works in a separate classroom so that there is no distraction from other classes or activity.

Monitored Progress

As classes progress, your child's learning will be monitored to ensure the group remains the best fit. If any changes are required, we'll let you know.

Consistency and Security

When learning, consistency is paramount. As a Marley Perkins student, your child's teacher, classmates and even the room he's working in will remain the same each week.*

Along with the familiar people and surroundings, he'll follow a similar lesson structure each week so that, although the content will be fresh and engaging each week, he'll know what to expect each time.

*From time to time, there may be some minor variances – go here for more details.

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Individual Lessons

In our individual classes, a teacher works one-on-one with the student.

Getting Up To Speed

Some children need a bit of a boost before starting group lessons. There may be particular skills that need developing or they might need to build confidence. Individual lessons can be a great precursor to group lessons.

Rate of Progress

Some children pick up concepts very quickly and retain them over time. Individual lessons allow these children to move at an accelerated pace. Equally, children who prefer to take time to process new ideas can do so in a one-on-one lesson.

Specific Learning Needs

The individual option works well for children who have a learning or thinking style that may make learning in a group challenging.


If a student is nervous about learning in a group, the individual option is a great way to start. It removes any perception of peer pressure and allows the student to focus on the most important thing: the learning.

When a solid foundation has been established, we do recommend children in this situation move to a group so that they can practise working with and around others, which in turn helps them cope more easily in a classroom at school.

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